Connecttalent is India’s Most Reliable Student Engagement and Campus Hiring Company and has been in the business of employability for a long time. We leverage educational institutions facilities to help companies engage and hire students efficiently from campus and beyond. We help colleges increase employment and improve employability of their students.

Connecttalent is India First JOB OPPORTUNITY ENHANCER solution that focus on maximizing the chances of talent pool in realizing their dream career.

Connecttalent’s Job Opportunity Enhancer (JOE) and Job Connect Facilitator (JCF) solutions has evolved continuously with Industry, Institution and Students – changing equation of coexistence.

We will also help you :

  • Reduce administrative costs through our on campus recruitment and capability management solutions
  • Achieve placement goals through job fair planning
  • Gain visibility and control of the entire campus hiring process
  • Our founding team’s global expertise and knowledge-sharing allows us to go well beyond recruitment in terms of value creation.
  • Our clients benefit from knowing what we know.